What you can do to improve the quality of your translation


Internal abbreviations may only be understood by an insider. There are search engines but it is not always possible to find an abbreviation that is used in your particular context. Help me and write the full text and the abbreviation in brackets...


Is there certain terms that you are using in your company? Please let me know if you would like them to be used in your translation…

I can also elaborate my own little glossary for your company…

Clear communication

What exactly do you need? For which market/customer? British English or American English? Do you have a glossary? Any special needs?

Connotation, context

Quite often you find in the course of translation that context is not clearly understood. A translator automatically analyses the source text when translating it and questions it to understand everything and convey the message in another language. If there are doubts about context, I hope you do not mind me asking questions. You will benefit.


Is there a certain approach/strategy that is applied in your company? Please let me know what your expectations are so that you are happy with the result. I should also be happy to assist you with my expertise.


I can do my job best if you provide me with background information. A translator/interpreter is not just a parrot who "simply repeats" what he hears/reads in a foreign language. A translator/interpreter needs to understand or else there could be misunderstandings. Have you ever tried machine translation on the Internet? Then you will know that it does not always make sense. You will get the best results in translation and interpreting when you provide input!

Clarify context

I am sure you are busy but…
If I do have a question, I would be grateful if you could assist me. You will benefit by getting a high-quality translation.







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