"Wert" is German for "value". My aim is to add value when working with you so that your focus will no longer be on the costs of my services but rather on the benefits they provide.

Your benefits - from A to Z

From A like ability to Z like zeal

Pleasant cooperation

I expect you to find working with me and my team pleasant, both because we are good at what we do and because of our social skills.


Once you stop improving your services, you will no longer be good at what you are doing
(Philip Rosenthal, entrepreneur, *1916)

I am a perfectionist but as hard as I try, I can never be perfect. The Chinese think that even the holy men are not without vices. When even holy men can make a mistake, how could I be perfect?

"A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it, is committing another mistake" (Confucius)

I am able to learn from my mistakes and I will not make the same mistake twice. You can be sure that I will always be striving to further improve my services.

Zeal, Commitment

My team and I will always strive to find a solution should challenges arise. Why not get in touch with us? Tell us about your needs. We will do our best to make sure that you are satisfied.


Although I run but a sole proprietorship, I have a whole team to assist me. So even when I am absent, you will not be left alone and will get hold of someone. Your phone calls will be answered from Mon-Fri 8h00-17h00 (CET) and e-mails will be checked regularly every day (in case of urgency it is better to call in advance). My team will coordinate your requests/projects even when I am away interpreting, sick, on holiday etc. I have a network of translator and interpreter colleagues who can assist me if necessary. I can also give you my mobile phone number if you wish to talk to me in person. Please bear in mind, however, that when I am on an interpreting assignment, breaks are very short and I may only be able to call you back in the evening. If you call me or send me an e-mail, I have competent colleagues answering the phone or e-mail messages. They can also access my outlook schedule and submit a quote… You will always be able to get hold of me or one of my colleagues...


We always make an effort to accommodate you and your needs and we will strive to find a solution for you, including when something needs to be translated urgently or when you need an interpreter at short notice. I will do everything I can to be of service to you…


I work in a small, qualified team. I am always willing to provide written confirmation that your documents will be treated with utmost secrecy.

Ability, Competence

I have been working as a full-time freelance translator and interpreter specialising in business and legal translations/interpreting assignments since 1996, without interruptions… So you can count on plenty of experience, reliability and expertise when it comes to the quality of your translation/interpreting assignment.


Talk to us if you require a translation in another language, another area of expertise (e.g. engineering), a larger, multilingual project or if you require other language services. We will be pleased to assist you…

Working in a team

I like to work in a team. When it comes to achieving a joint (language) project, a team working in close cooperation is required to achieve success... Generally I am told that I am easy to get along with, that I have good team-working skills despite working alone as a freelancer, that I am a person who values personal contact, and that you will benefit when working with me.


I am known for keeping to deadlines. You can rely on me.









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