Translation is the art of understanding what the author is trying to say and expressing the essence of it in another language. Simultaneous interpreting is the art of understanding even before the speaker has finished his sentence so that the listener is not lost in translation.

What type of texts do I translate?

Just a few examples:

  • contracts, financial statements and balance sheets, in order to ensure that the terminology I use is consistent throughout all my translations, I use Trados terminology management and data base systems
  • (commercial) correspondence
  • notarised translation of documents

How much does it cost?

The price of a translation depends on various factors. I will be pleased to give you a price if you submit the document to be translated and let me know in advance what your specifications/expectations are. I will then determine the price on the basis of such factors as difficulty, area of specialisation and such conditions as publication. If no price was agreed, JVEG, the German law governing reimbursement of translators and interpreters working for the courts, shall be used as a basis.

I also have an automatic engine (see right) which can be used to give you a rough price estimate. Just enter the chars including spaces according to the word count function in Microsoft Word... Please note, however, that this is only to give you a rough idea, the price indicated by the automatic engine cannot be considered binding...


What is the translation fee based on?

Translation is the transference of meaning from text to text (written, recorded, sign), with the translator having time and access to resources (dictionaries, glossaries, etc.) to produce a faithful, true, and accurate document or verbal artefact.

The price of a translation varies according to the scope of the translation and the difficulty of the source text. The scope of a translation is calculated on the basis of the number of standard lines (55 chars including spaces). If tables and (vocabulary) lists/Excel spreadsheets need to be translated, a shorter standard line shall apply because they require more effort to translate.

I can also adapt the layout for you, however, I reserve the right to charge you an additional fee for this service, based on the amount of time spent.

The price of translations varies according to difficulty:

  • standard
  • specialised: legal/business/medical etc.
  • complicated: texts that take longer to translate either due to their area of specialisation or because the source text is difficult to read.
    I reserve the right to classify texts according to difficulty.

My minimum fee for translations: I will charge you at least 20-25 lines for each job even if the text is shorter.

If you require proof-reading services, I will charge you based on the amount of time spent (per hour) because the decisive factor here for how long it will take me is the quality of the source text to be proof-read, not the scope of the text.

The fee ultimately payable by you for translations is based on the number of standard lines (55 chars including spaces) multiplied by the agreed price per line (excluding VAT).


When do I need to pay?

I will send you an invoice which I politely request that you will settle within fourteen (14) days of receipt of my invoice. In the case of official document translation I reserve the right to ask private individuals to pay cash on delivery. 

If you fail to observe the due date indicated on the invoice, I reserve the right to charge you a fee for reminders that may have to be sent plus interest on arrears at the statutory rate.

Does the indicated price have a binding effect?

The prices I have stated are based on the target text, this is why the price can only be considered a cost estimate without any binding effect (unless explicitly agreed otherwise). I will promptly contact you if it becomes apparent that the target text will deviate considerably from the cost estimate.

In this case, the customer may request that I promptly stop translating and will only have to pay the fee incurred so far.







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