Accredited, sworn and certified court translator and interpreter for German <-> English

Each time you commission a translation or interpreting assignment on your company's behalf, you are entrusting your company's reputation to a third party, so it is extremely important to choose high-quality translation and/or interpreting services. You can ensure that you make the right choice by awarding assignments to a member of the BDÜ, the professional association of translators and interpreters in Germany that verifies professional qualifications. The BDÜ is a member of the IFT, the International Federation of Translators (as well as interpreters and terminologists), which comprises more than 100 associations from all over the world.



Spoken words: simultaneous, consecutive


Written words: legal - business - certified and other specialised texts

Value-added services

Project management, proof-reading, terminology management

Entrust your reputation to me!

Do you require interpreting services

(for the translation of a spoken text) or a written translation?

I am a translator and interpreter (linguist) specialising on business and legal (texts) as well acting in an official capacity as a translator and interpreter before courts, public authorities etc..

I can offer you simultaneous as well as consecutive interpreting services, also for international conferences

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