Accredited, sworn and certified court translator and interpreter for German <-> English

Each time you commission a translation or interpreting assignment on your company's behalf, you are entrusting your company's reputation to a third party, so it is extremely important to choose high-quality translation and/or interpreting services. You can ensure that you make the right choice by awarding assignments to a member of the BDÜ, the professional association of translators and interpreters in Germany that verifies professional qualifications. The BDÜ is a member of the IFT, the International Federation of Translators (as well as interpreters and terminologists), which comprises more than 100 associations from all over the world.



Spoken words: simultaneous, consecutive


Written words: legal - business - certified and other specialised texts

Value-added services

Project management, proof-reading, terminology management

Entrust your reputation to me!

Do you require interpreting services

(for the translation of a spoken text) or a written translation?

I am a translator and interpreter (linguist) specialising on business and legal (texts) as well acting in an official capacity as a translator and interpreter before courts, public authorities etc..

I can offer you simultaneous as well as consecutive interpreting services, also for international conferences

Please contact me if you have any need for translation or interpreting services I can help you with...

Interpreting services

Simultaneous, chuchotage, consecutive, liaison interpreting
- in interpretation booth, with mobile whispering system or also without equipment for individual listeners –

Interpretation services, i.a. covering:
- Int. arbitration proceedings
- Int. sales meetings, importers‘ meetings
- Int. training sessions
- Interpreting at civil-law notary’s office, before court, at authorities

Examples – in practice:
- Supervisory Board
- international events
- Interpreting at award event in Munich
- Interpreting at international meeting on symbiosis and autonomy in Munich
- Market research interpreting
- Afghan politician speaking in Salzstadl Landshut
- Tour of plant in Landshut for visitors
- demographic change symposium Dingolfing
- OEM car manufacturer brainstorming competition
- Spa sales training
- spring/autumn fashion shows for dealers
- Train the Trainer, product training, automotive training and regular international meetings in a mid-sized company that manufactures hand-held power and air tools
- Before court (e.g. rescission of purchasing agreement)
- Before court: deportation
- Ministry of health: fitness for deportation
- Police: interrogating witnesses (rape and other crimes)
- Interpreting at the Isar-Amper-Klinikum, a hospital specialising in psychiatry (continuation of stay)
- Interpreting in prison: visits during pre-trial detention, interrogation/questioning
- Tax fraud investigation authority: search
- Court: falsification of documents, arrest warrant
- Civil-law notary: pre-nuptial agreement, renunciation of inheritance, renunciation of compulsory portion of inheritance, real estate purchasing agreement
- Schnaps distilling as an evening event for journalists
- Registration for marriage, civil weddings
- Art and architecture association: „Imagining the Centre“ how artists are changing the appearance of a city
- Art and architecture association, Sibiu: a city focusing on culture
- International meeting of machinery syndicates
- Annual general meeting
- Practice-oriented user day: Using resources, protecting resources
- Interpreting at trade fairs







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